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Within the past decade, “dental implant” has become a common buzzword, especially in the cosmetic community, where beautification comes with a rather steep price. For generally healthy individuals who have incurred the hapless loss of teeth as a result of periodontal disease or unprecedented trauma, dental implants can be a palliative care module to replace teeth and restore optimal function.


Today, implant restoration is an essential routine treatment that strives to replace missing teeth, advance functional capabilities, and enhance aesthetics for patients in need. Although these dental restorations look and function much like natural teeth, adequate bone support is a vital prerequisite of dental implants. If your supporting bone has been destroyed, however, your dentist may recommend a regenerative procedure to reverse the damage caused by regenerating lost bone and tissue.


Fortunately, this procedure called bone augmentation or bone grafting is used hand-in-hand with dental implant surgery to hone the best outcomes. Bone grafting got you in rapt awe? Learn all about this incredible regenerative procedure in Singapore.


What is a dental bone graft?

A dental bone graft is an intricate procedure that replaces missing bone in your jaw with special bone grafting material that encourages regeneration. Your dentist or oral surgeon begins by making an incision in the jaw and grafts the bone grafting material to the jaw. As the natural bone grows, it absorbs the grafting material and results in a fully integrated portion of new bone.


Some types of bone grafts available are:

     Autografts: These are bone tissue obtained from the patient’s own body, typically from the patient’s hip, chin, or another part of the jaw.

     Allografts: These are graft materials extracted from a human donor, usually cadaver bone.

     Xenografts: These are bone tissue that uses inorganic portions of animal bones, commonly cows.

     Alloplasts: These are created from hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring mineral in bone.

     Ceramic-based grafts: These are made from ceramics alone or in combination with other materials such as calcium or bioactive glass.


The Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Sciences affirms that autografts are typically considered the gold standard for bone grafting material.


When do you need bone grafting?

Bone grafting procedures are normally undertaken with the goal of reestablishing adequate bone formation to support dental implants. Generally speaking, you are required to have at least 2 mm of healthy, living bone in front and behind your implants. If you’ve had teeth missing for some time, chances are that the bone in your jaw has atrophied. These bone defects or deficiencies can be found in 25% of people with missing teeth.


Bone loss can also take place if you have active periodontal disease. Here, bone grafting can help regenerate new bone and provide support to your implant. This ensures the stability of the implant and prolongs its longevity.


How is bone grafting done?

Complex procedures like bone grafting may require more than a single visit to complete. According to the American Association of Implant Dentistry (AAID), the steps of bone grafting are as follows:

1.    Your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the surgical site.

2.    If you’re using an autograft, your dentist will begin by sourcing the bone from the chosen location.

3.    Next, the surgical site is thoroughly cleaned and an incision is made in the gum tissue to expose the bone.

4.    The bone graft material is then attached to the exposed bone.

5.    Once the graft material is placed, the area is sutured and disinfected.


The recovery period for bone grafts takes at least four to six months to heal completely and be ready for your dental implant.


The takeaway

Dental bone grafts are done to help prevent long-term health complications associated with tooth loss and gum disease while also favoring good support for dental implants. In order to guarantee the success of your dental implants, visit Meiplus Dentalcare - a premier dental care facility located in Singapore!



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